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eyesI am planning on getting to a ripe old age being limber and balanced and I am working out daily in order to achieve that goal. I want to be a female version of Jack Lalanne who at 95 still worked out daily. His passion for daily exercise served him well and allowed him to do more of the things in life that he wanted to do even as he aged.

Getting Older
People are so focused on how our bodies look that we tend to lose focus of what our bodies DO. It’s hard to conceptualize that one day down the road of life we will (hopefully) be older versions of ourselves and the effects of what we do today will directly impact how relatively fit, how healthy, how independent, how social we are able to be.

Case in point:
I personally see the direct effects in my own family with my parents who, at 83, live life with major differences.  Both have their health issues, some genetically brought and some brought on due to lack of motivation, desire and exercise.

Healty & Active Dad
My dad started working out with regularity in his early adult life and continues to this day. He gets up everyday with a plan of action and his demeanor reflects this. He still drives, participates in weekly games like bridge and pitch, has scheduled lunches with friends and is active in their retirement community as well as taking care of my mom.

Not So Much Mom
My mom has not and is not taking care of herself with exercise, balance or even being limber.  She is either sitting in a chair in their apartment or is in a motorized wheelchair to get around their retirement center. As a result, her mobility is severely limited and even after getting helped to a standing position must have additional help in getting any balance.  She is no longer able to drive and has to have assistance in order to shower, dress and get in and out of  bed. If it weren’t for my dad, we fear that she would not be social, but he signs her up for bridge and poker where, once there, she can use her sharp mind to win (and enjoy) games.

You Always Have Time
People will say they don’t have time today to workout, but the truth of the matter is that those who don’t actually end up losing time. They lose their freedom to move about themselves without pain. Without exercise, without being balanced and limber, we are more susceptible to common diseases and physical ailments. The more we move the healthier our bones are and having healthy bones is vital as we age. We were not meant to be sedentary. Think about your job and how after sitting for a long period of time you go to get up – how stiff are your legs and back?

Keep Moving
Keep moving and your body will feel better and sleep better. Keep limber and balanced and your body will be able to maneuver you where you would like to go, when you would like. I see my parents and as their child I am a mix of both of them, while I can’t prevent a genetic problem from arising I chose to keep myself healthy in body, mind and spirit today so that one day I can become Jackie Lalanne .


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