No one knows feet like elite feet.

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  • Avid dessert lover, would rather have dessert than a 5 Michelin star restaurant meal any
  • She loves dessert but if she had to choose something it would be hands down Italian
    food or her dads filet mignon.
  • Did gymnastics and dance for 8 years, used to play volleyball, and was on the Varsity
    golf team in High School. Now her active lifestyle consists of HIIT workouts, lifting
    weights, and golfing with her friends and family.
  • If she could have any animal in the world she would want to raise an elephant, she has
    always had a love for elephants as a child.
  • Doesn’t have a very good memory, but if you play a song that she hadn’t heard in ten
    years she would still be able to sing the song word for word like she listened to it on
    repeat the night before.
  • Avid movie goer, would rather spend her nights with friends and family watching movies
    and playing games than going out and being with a big group of people.

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  • Kansas City born and raised.  Runner himself but loves The Chiefs.
  • Has been with Elite Feet since the beginning of time. A true shoe geek.
  • Father to 3 kids and 2 dogs.
  • Fantastic storyteller of both non-fiction and tall tales.
  • Music lover and starter of Beatles Saturday in the store.
  • Favorites include BBQ, Spicy Pepper Salsas, Crème soda, “Rocky” and the show, “The Walking Dead”.


  • Missy G, GG, Geepers or Aunt G.
  • Quiet, but get the girl going and she has a wicked sense of humor.
  • Music and movie lover. Give her a quote from a good movie and she can usually tell you the movie.
  • Loves dogs, but loves her doggie, Beckett best.
  • Walkin fiend. Has been known to walk in blizzards – now carries cell phone.
  • Hikes in Colorado blazing new trails, while taking picture after picture.
  • The eyes for Don on the computer for Quickbooks, our creative gal for displays, t-shirts and  emails, has the ability to get her Dad out of a computer glitch.


  • Just look for the curly hair and headband.
  • Known as the “Sock Queen”. REALLY. I mean why get a good pair of shoes if the socks are stretched out, have holes or heavens to murgatroyd — SMELL– oooh.
  • Walks or works out every day she can. Hates the cold but loves her dog, so outdoors she goes.
  • Favorites – Toffee Carmel Chocolate Apple (a little good, with a lot bad), popcorn, and Root Beer with her BBQ. sunny days, colorful sunsets and considers it a lucky day if she sees a Heron.
  • Mother to 3 daughters, and 2 furbabies, Cash and Penny.
  • Grandmother (Nana) of three adorable kiddos: Mirra, Theo and Colby!
  • Loves being a Mom and Nana.


  • Known as the Shoe Guru since 1980 and to this day – loves the leather smell of new shoes.
  • Bring up the subjects of Kansas City, Jayhawk Basketball, BBQ or The Beatles and you will find yourself in the conversation for sure.
  • His passion is Running. He truly loves getting to visit and know people (now on many second, third, and even fourth generations) that come to Elite Feet (he can recall feet and the shoes worn by a particular individual yet not what he had for dinner).
  • Father to 3 daughters, and 2 furbabies, Cash and Penny.
  • Grandfather (Opa) of three adorable kiddos: Mirra, Theo, and Colby!
  • Sweetaholic – known by family and friends to have dessert after almost every dinner.