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*Special Request*
Bring Your Old Shoes to Elite Feet
JOIN in the effort to collect gently used shoes for Kansas City citizens in need.

Please check your closets. Pack up any shoes you don’t wear and bring them with you to Elite Feet: running shoes, work boots, dress shoes, sandals, cowboy boots — you name it, we’ll take it. All types & sizes, child through adult. Drop them into our collection box.

Don’t worry that your “worn” shoes/boots might be a little too worn. We want any pair that protects someone’s feet from the cold, damp winter or hot, dry summer pavement. (Of course, we’ll take nice shoes, too.)

Last year, Shoe Kansas City (started by our friends at Elite Feet) collected and donated 30,000 pairs of shoes to Missouri and Kansas charities.

This is a great opportunity to clear out your old shoes – the running shoes without enough spring, the boots you’re replacing with something more stylish, the pumps you’re never going to squeeze into again.

collects and donates
Elite Feet collects and donates shoes to six different charitable organizations for families and individuals year round.

Shoe Kansas City became a non-profit organization in 2013.  We wanted to not only collect and donate shoes for the charitable organizations who distribute them to homeless families, individuals, and children but we wanted to be able to accept monetary donations.  The monetary funds donated are used to purchase new shoes that are discounted because they are closeouts or discontinued styles. The new shoes are then donated to those in need. We have provided shoes to grade school children in underserved and impoverished areas in Kansas City as well as developmentally disabled adults who unable to purchase shoes for themselves.  We are also providing shoes to runners at middle and high schools in areas of the Kansas City metro area who are not able to afford to purchase new shoes for themselves.

We hope to grow this aspect of Shoe Kansas City as we continue our collection of used shoes for donation.  Our goal is to grow our fund to allow us to purchase more new closeout and discontinued styles of shoes to increase our ability and expand our reach to provide new shoes for children as well as adults in need in the Kansas City metro region.  

Please help us by going to the SHOE KANSAS CITY.COM website and making a donation.  THANK YOU.