No one knows feet like elite feet.

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it all starts with the shoe

“Elite Feet is not a chain store.  We are one store with one goal in mind for each and every customer.  Elite Feet wants to provide you with the best fitting most comfortable shoe for your feet.”

The caring and educated specialist at Elite Feet will properly fit you with shoes that will benefit your overall health. Feet can vary greatly in terms of physical needs and fitting your shoe for length, width, support, and stability is very important in finding your right shoe.

since 1997
Owned and operated by the Nottberg family, Elite Feet has been matching people with shoes since 1997. They have had comprehensive training in foot biomechanics, sports injuries, morphology, anatomy, and other related fields. The Nottbergs are always expanding their knowledge with continuing education courses. The Elite Feet family has a passion for excellence and always put the well being of a customer before a sale.

our staff
In addition to owners Don, Leslie and Gaelyn Nottberg, the staff at Elite Feet is extremely well trained in the proper fitting of footwear. First and foremost, our staff is truly interested in your well-being and satisfaction and that’s something we cannot teach. Service is more than making a sale. Good, old fashioned customer service paired with the latest in footwear technology define Elite Feet. Our staff is very discriminating in the way a shoe is fit and they strive for perfection.