No one knows feet like elite feet.

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I had just started Jazzercise and bought cheap shoes that were causing me all sorts of problems. Another student recommended Elite Feet and I was sold after an extensive review and shoe recommendation that solved all my pains. That was over ten years ago and I keep coming back for the service and recommend Elite feet to all who ask. I also buy my running shoes here as the previous running only store didn’t check my old shoes to see if I needed things changed. Elite Feet helps me stay active and injury free.



I walk seven miles five days a week on feet that love to be difficult, and I count on Elite Feet to equip me with the right socks, shoes and inserts. Their customer service, knowledge, and fitting skills are fabulous.



About 15 years ago, I was working out with a personal trainer who “forced” me to start running for cardio work (Oh! The horror!); he also insisted 1 get fitted for proper running shoes at Elite Feet. From that first visit as a reluctant jogger in my mid-30s who couldn’t run a mile without crying, to now a seasoned masters’ competitor at all distances, Elite Feet is still my preferred local running shoe store. Every time I go in, its like visiting long-time friends. And while they know my feet and my ‘favorite” shoes and socks, they’ve also introduced me to some new brands and options along the way that have also served me well And they stilt take the time to ensure any new shoes I get fit me properly — because shoes change and feet change. Love you guys!!!



Exceptional customer service – check! Quality product and options – check! Knowledgable staff – check! The best store in town for my athletic shoe needs -check! I have been a customer of Elite Feet for years, and my feet thank me for it every day when I work out. The staff takes all the time needed to help me find the right shoe for my foot, based on my individual needs and physical activity. And I always feel like I am the most important customer in the world when I walk through their door. As long as Elite Feet is there for me, I won’t shop anywhere else for my athletic footwear needs.


I was at the Overland Park store last week, and was treated like I was the only person in the store (and I wasn’t). Your staff evaluated my gate barefoot, and with my running shoes on. I had been experiencing runner’s knee, and your guy perfectly diagnosed why.

My left foot over-pronates just enough to cause the soreness, and your guy caught it. He showed me two pair of shoes (Brooks & Saucony) that would alleviate the problem. I bought a pair (Saucony Omni), and have shave a minute off my pace, and the soreness is gone!

Thank you!!!!!!

-Terry J.

Unbelievable service, worth every penny.

If you are anywhere near Kansas City, and are athletic, go directly to Elite Feet and do not pass “Go”.

I live in Chicago, and I work out several times a week on the treadmill, so shoes are important for joint health.  Therefore I always get my shoes from a professional running store, where they fit you.

I was in Overland Park on business recently and had time to kill before my flight, so I went to Elite Feet to replace my dying shoes.  I have never had a better experience anywhere!

Owner Leslie, spotted my bad ankle in three paces (without me telling her ahead of time), and brought me 3 pairs of shoes to try.  I ended up going with the Sauconys, which were more than I wanted to pay, but I was happy to pay it after having such a great experience here.

Three things I learned from Leslie: (that no other running store had bothered to tell me)
1. How to properly seat my foot into a shoe (tap your heel on the ground a few times)
2. How to tie my shoes so the top of my foot doesn’t hurt ( I had been wearing my shoes loosely tied because tying tight hurt my foot too much.  But loose shoes don’t support my bad ankle)
3. That I am an 8.5 instead of an 8!

How could 5 other running stores miss this?  The Nottbergs have picked one thing and excelled at it and that is understanding people’s feet and how to find the right shoe for them.

Seriously, if you are anywhere near them, make the trip-you will be so glad you did!

Hello my name is Molly and I was in your store in Overland Park.  I have never been fitted for shoes and didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say Arthur Esteban went beyond what I was imagining!!  He really did an amazing job at reading my feet, my walk, and my comfort level and in turn made me feel more confident in my running the next day at my first race.
I have since been pointing out my shoes to everyone and letting them know where I got them and how they truly have made running even more enjoyable for me.  I haven’t had leg pain or hurting feet since I was fitted.  I just wanted to let someone there know how much I appreciate your store and how much I appreciated Arthur’s help!

– Thank you again and plan on bringing more business your way,
Molly B.


My wife and I were in your shop and we received incredible service, my wife was fitted for her new shoes and your shop is top notch and I wanted to say Thank You for taking such great care of her.

Thanks again for your great service, my wife and I will spread the work of your shop in our area!


I visited your store for the second time a couple of weeks ago.  Once again you have placed me in the perfect shoe!!  I feel like I am running in a glove designed perfectly for my feet.  I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for the time and dedication that you give every customer that walks through your doors.  It is so much more than a business that you are running…you are giving runners like me the opportunity to stay on the roads and to remain healthy.  That means more than I can ever put into words.  You officially have a lifetime customer in me!

I hope you all have a beautiful week!