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Ribbon-noLeft foot, right foot, step, left foot, right foot, step, left foot, right foot…

Misstep. Off track, taking the healthy too far to the left.

We exercise for our health, our body and our spirit. But what happens when there comes a disconnect.

Past 40 Years
For the past 40+ years, our goal at Elite Feet as well as in our individual lives and with our daughters has always been centered around balance. So it came as a complete surprise when one of our daughters was diagnosed with an eating disorder and yet as we have come to know more about it, we, Don’s & my family genetics have brought it to the table so to speak. Eating disorders have occurred on both sides of our families thus putting our future generations at risk.

Looks and Outward Appearance
Add to our genetic component the type of industry we are in where looks and outward appearances rank very high and without us being aware of it, the potential for an eating disorder for one of our daughters skyrocketed. As we now understand, the propensity for the eating disorder was there and something triggered it, allowing it to emerge. Unfortunately, she is part of a growing group of girls, women, boys and men who are fighting this illness.

Bio/Psycho/Social Disease
Eating disorders carry complexities unmatched by almost any other disease. Not simply biological or psychological in nature, eating disorders are bio/psycho/social diseases rooted in genetics, societal norms and values and personal belief systems. To effectively treat an eating disorder, each element must be addressed. It is not a simple illness – as many cases are accompanied by depression & anxiety and can put the persons life at risk. In fact it has the highest rate of mortality of all the mental illnesses. Believe me when I say that when this disorder has affected someone in your life, you never again take LIFE for granted.

Balance Out The Window
An eating disorder of any kind wreaks havoc on everyday habits and throws balance of any kind right out the window. ABC News recently televised a segment during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week about the rapidly growing numbers of people with the disorder, all ages-the youngest known is 5 and it is rising among boys/men as well as women over 40. Eating disorders do not discriminate as they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, sexes, religions, backgrounds, and cultures.  They stated that there are over 10 million Americans who suffer with some variation of an eating disorder whether it be overeating, under eating, bingeing and/or purging, fasting, or restricting. Is this what we really want for our children, our spouse, our mom, grandparent, our sister, brother, friend, neighbor or co-worker?

An eating disorder does not one day get better and just go away, it is a disorder that remains a part of the person’s life. They will always have to remain aware of the factors that can tip the scale of the delicate balance.

Time For Change
We can help! It’s time that we stop using weight and size to determine another as “healthy”. It’s time we encourage, praise & raise hope. It’s time to stop competing and instead bolster the next person. It’s time we get on the right foot.

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If you need help, PLEASE seek help, you don’t have to go through it alone.healthy-mind-body