No one knows feet like elite feet.

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Leslie with Grandkids

  • Enjoying retirement staying at home with the dogs for doggy day care!
  • Known as the “Sock Queen”. REALLY. I mean why get a good pair of shoes if the socks are stretched out, have holes or heavens to murgatroyd — SMELL– oooh.
  • Walks or works out every day she can. Hates the cold but loves her dog, so outdoors she goes.
  • Favorites – Toffee Carmel Chocolate Apple (a little good, with a lot bad), popcorn, and Root Beer with her BBQ. sunny days, colorful sunsets and considers it a lucky day if she sees a Heron.
  • Mother to 3 daughters, and 2 furbabies, Cash and Penny.
  • Grandmother (Nana) of three adorable kiddos: Mira, Theo and Colby!
  • Loves being a Mom and Nana.