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new-year-res-4-v2Change IS coming you can’t stop it. The year is becoming 2013 and there is nothing we can do to keep it from that. French author Francois de la Rochefoucauld, said “The only thing constant in life is change”.If we use the same perception towards our personal change, we would embrace and empower ourselves to accept and adjust to move towards successful change.

New Years Resolutions
Thus New Years Resolutions, do you make them and then not keep them, feeling badly that you were unsuccessful?

Life Resolutions
I discovered the term Life Resolutions a few years back and thus a new thought. I want to live “LIFE” and I choose to do that by being healthy. Just as the year changes, so does the number of my birthdays making me more aware of retaining the health I have. THE PLAN – at years end I do 2 things – I look at the foods I eat and the physical activities I partake in. I reduce or delete the most offending food/drink and I look at my exercise and I add something new. The other component I use is it to exercise every day, after all I get up every morning (thank the lord). I should be able to move my body somehow. Once I have the vision for the “what” the barriers fall away and allow me to discover my own best self.

Be Specific
Make your “Life” Resolution relevant to you! Be specific. Make it attainable. Something you can accomplish if you are willing to change and do the work. If you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish it, it helps to keep you motivated through years end. See how your future will be better. It makes getting out of bed and starting your day “On the Right Foot”.

I am capable! Bring on 2013


butterflyOut the door?
Getting through winter weather is a test on who wins out, you or the weather. If you know me at all, you know winter is NOT my thing. Give me warm temps & sunny days and until I have that I am inside. My Life Resolution this year was to commit to going outdoors on a daily basis to do my exercise and that first step out the door required strong resolution and 2 dogs.

The first step
This fall we sold our “family” house and had not found the house so we moved into an apartment which in turn meant walking the dogs. Literally – said dogs must be walked to go to the bathroom. I figured if I had to get out the door with them, I might as well get dressed and exercise us both. They keep me on a schedule. My alarm clocks (said dogs) get me up and help me to stay focused on the goal.

Open to the process
We have braved the winds, rain, snow and the frigid temperatures.
Interestingly enough, I realized my dogs love any weather, so I have adopted their ability to adapt and get my move on. Guess what,
by the time we are back home I am feeling “alive” and ready to take on the day. Just by tweaking how I feel about the weather and exercising in it has helped me to see it in a whole new way.

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It’s the weather expect change
We are in the Midwest, it is winter and you would think we would know to expect the unexpected in weather changes but knowing it and living through it could be two completely different things.

In order to compensate for the negative feelings that are sure to follow that 30+ degree drop in temperature, the rain hitting the roof, the winds that are blowing me backwards, I use positive outlooks-quotes, sayings, pictures, music lyrics to help propel me forward even if it is only in the thinking and not the actual moving….. for instance this quote had me shaking my head in an up and down way.

Thought for Today:

Sometimes you just need to give in to the yuckiness of the day, throw your psychic hands up in the air and trust that tomorrow will be an improvement.”
Amy Shearn

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dontlookTrust the Process
Any change we make takes repetition before it becomes routine, something you do on a regular basis without even questioning it.
Keep facing forward    it does get easier.
And remember, each day that goes by means we are 1 day closer to spring!

coldrunThe question of the morning.  Was it harder getting out of bed or getting out the door this morning?

It Feels 14 Out Yikes
I certainly didn’t want to get out of bed this morning but the dogs let me know they weren’t having any of that. So I got up and started the day. Bowl of cereal, cup of coffee, Good Morning America and the paper and then whoa, the weather report. It feels like 14 out. Yikes! Do I ReAlLy want to go out this morning? My good self and bad self argued the point. Truth be told, heck NO, I didn’t want to go outside. But then my good self said, hey no snow, no ice, winds not horrible but what got me up and out the door was the article I was reading in the paper this morning (Monday, December 10th), by Jenee Osterheldt.

Remaining Active In Life
Life keeps moving and so should we Jenee says. A very simple 1 line statement, but one packed with loads of meaning. She wasn’t talking about just mentally either-she was talking about physically. She was talking about the seniors who she sees at her Community Center. She was talking about the Competitors at the Senior Olympics and the men who followed them while making a Documentary. How when they first followed a 100 year old man playing tennis, how condescending their attitude was, he invited them to play against him and his partner. It changed their perception into realizing they were good players for any age. It taught the 2 men the importance of remaining active in life for as long as you are living.

Easy To Get Sidetracked
It is easy to be sidetracked by the weather, by the darkness of winter and we need that “thing” that gets us up, gets us dressed, and gets us out the door.

I personally aspire to be like these Seniors. I plan on putting my shoes on daily and doing whatever I can to keep myself healthy and on the right foot. Join me…..