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new-year-res-4-v2Change IS coming you can’t stop it. The year is becoming 2013 and there is nothing we can do to keep it from that. French author Francois de la Rochefoucauld, said “The only thing constant in life is change”.If we use the same perception towards our personal change, we would embrace and empower ourselves to accept and adjust to move towards successful change.

New Years Resolutions
Thus New Years Resolutions, do you make them and then not keep them, feeling badly that you were unsuccessful?

Life Resolutions
I discovered the term Life Resolutions a few years back and thus a new thought. I want to live “LIFE” and I choose to do that by being healthy. Just as the year changes, so does the number of my birthdays making me more aware of retaining the health I have. THE PLAN – at years end I do 2 things – I look at the foods I eat and the physical activities I partake in. I reduce or delete the most offending food/drink and I look at my exercise and I add something new. The other component I use is it to exercise every day, after all I get up every morning (thank the lord). I should be able to move my body somehow. Once I have the vision for the “what” the barriers fall away and allow me to discover my own best self.

Be Specific
Make your “Life” Resolution relevant to you! Be specific. Make it attainable. Something you can accomplish if you are willing to change and do the work. If you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish it, it helps to keep you motivated through years end. See how your future will be better. It makes getting out of bed and starting your day “On the Right Foot”.

I am capable! Bring on 2013


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