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  • Avid dessert lover, would rather have dessert than a 5 Michelin star restaurant meal any
  • She loves dessert but if she had to choose something it would be hands down Italian
    food or her dads filet mignon.
  • Did gymnastics and dance for 8 years, used to play volleyball, and was on the Varsity
    golf team in High School. Now her active lifestyle consists of HIIT workouts, lifting
    weights, and golfing with her friends and family.
  • If she could have any animal in the world she would want to raise an elephant, she has
    always had a love for elephants as a child.
  • Doesn’t have a very good memory, but if you play a song that she hadn’t heard in ten
    years she would still be able to sing the song word for word like she listened to it on
    repeat the night before.
  • Avid movie goer, would rather spend her nights with friends and family watching movies
    and playing games than going out and being with a big group of people.