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thermometerIt’s HOT out!  Elite Feet helps keep you Hydrated in these extreme temperatures!

Cytomax Sports Performance Drink – With Sustained Energy

No other sports drink can match CYTOMAX’s proven performance.
University studies* have proven that CYTOMAX:
• Lowers acid level during and after training for less burning and cramping during exercise and less soreness afterwards… SO YOU CAN BEAT THE BURN!
• Stabilizes power output during intense exercise for more strength — especially towards the end of your workout.
• Reduces perceived exertion so you feel
less fatigued during training.
• Improves end exercise sprint capacity.
• Increases recuperation rate — from one workout day to the next.
These results are possible due to the inclusion of a unique, exclusive, energy component: Alpha-L-Polylactate™ (lactate with acid removed, clustered around amino acids cyto4-1and carbohydrates). This proprietary lactate is efficiently used as a fuel faster than other carbohydrates and provides energy as well. In addition, it enters the blood stream and tissues faster than a single carbohydrate source, and is utilized more efficiently. The lactate (in Alpha-L-Polylactate) is utilized more efficiently — all while decreasing tissue acidity.
Alpha-L-Polylactate — when combined with our multiple carbohydrate blend — gives you sustained energy. In University studies, athletes had better performance after three hours of intense exercise with CYTOMAX than with another leading sports drink.
In addition, CYTOMAX contains electrolytes — including sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium for optimal hydration.
CYTOMAX does not contain artificial FD&C colors or artificial sweeteners.

acceACCELERADE (not your average sports drink)
  • Increased endurance by 29%
  • Decreases muscle damage by 83%
  • Increased rehydration by 29%
  • Increases endurance in a subsequent workout by 40%

Accelerade Makes Your Hard Work Easier

One of the remarkable findings is that athletes consuming Accelerade has a lower level of perceived exertion. Perceived exertion is a measurement of how hard it seems to exercise at the pace you want to go. Perceived exertion is always highest right before you bonk. Accelerade has been shown to not only lower the level of perceived exertion, but this was associated with a lower heart rate. This means that your heart is not working as hard with the same level of exertion.